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We are a music publication trying to cover wide spectrum of genres. The name should say it all. There is a lot of great music out there, and we hope to bring it closer to you the listener. The flavor of the month is not really our thing. We prefer to stick to artists who never lost their integrity, and remained creative with/without the commercial success. We love musical obscurities from all over the world, so expect to see articles here you wouldn’t see anywhere else. We try to grow as listeners as well, and expand our field of music appreciation. The bands we cover may be promoting a new release, but that’s not necessary a ticket to be written about. We would love to do retrospective interviews with artists or bands that are not necessary active. It very hard to predict what will spark our interests. We love musical trivia, and where else to learn it best. We hope you enjoy what we try to do, find something of interest, and visit us often. We start very simple, but as the time progresses we will grow, continue to improve. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, and almost encouraged.

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