Marbin - Breaking The Cycle (MoonJune Records) *****

Marbin struck gold with their debut release, but "Breaking The Cycle" shows them as a band developing at a fast pace. The first impression is the incredible maturity in the area of songwriting. The interaction between guitarist Dani Rabin, and saxophonist Danny Markovitch is magical. It has such a positive and creative vibe. The two players complement each other extremely well, and make great room for additional musicians to shine. Marbin is joined by drummer Paul Wertico, and bassist Steve Rodby. In addition, Marbin is aided by Jamey Haddad on percussion, Makaya McCraven on drums, and Matt Davidson, Leslie Beukelman, and Daniel White on vocals. All of whom help "Breaking The Cycle" reach another level.

"Breaking The Cycle" has a varied appeal, it can easily function in jazz and rock circles. Album's immediate charm are the ever-present melodies, but even more impressive is the manner in which they are balanced. The piercing guitar from Rabin, and calming saxophone from Markovitch is a perfect blend of fury and beauty. And it works vice versa as well. Marbin is pulling the most sensitive melodies from the deepest parts of their soul, and it's up to the listener to allow the music to reach the same areas within. They make it look easy, but it's a complicated process, and simply requires a natural talent.

Marbin maximizes on its incredible potential, and delivers a wonderful record. The eleven tracks vary in emotions and styles, but it all falls under one moniker. Plenty of possible favorites to pick from, but for this writer the choice is obvious, it is "Burning Match." As young as Marbin is at this point, their musical vocabulary is rather extensive, and certainly it's a clear indication for great things to come. "Breaking The Cycle" is filled with so much diversity, its appeal is truly unlimited.

Mark Kadzielawa